How can I measure the amount of dissolved oxygen inside my Petaka G3™?


The Petaka G3™ is unique in that it is now possible to measure the dissolved oxygen (pO2) in your culture in real time, using a sterilize, off-the-shelf setup. The Petaka G3™ DO Sense features an oxygen sensing dot manufactured by Ocean Insights, that when paired with the NeoFox™ reader, allows the user to measure and record the dissolved oxygen in the culture medium with precision and high temporal resolution. With the Petaka G3™ DO Sense it is easy to perform simple bioprocess monitoring or to carry out sophisticated experiments determining single cell oxygen consumption rates.

The setup is simple. Simply fill the Petaka G3™ DO Sense with your cell culture and incubate on any 37°C warming surface. This is only possible in the Petaka G3™ because every other culture device requires a humidified CO2 incubator. After filling, position the NeoFox™ reader to align with the sensing dot and start measuring. That’s all there is to it. The user will then observe the classic pO2 reduction curve as the cells consume excess dissolved oxygen. The user can observe and record the culture progressing in real time from an artificial, hyperoxic state to a more natural and relevant, physioxic condition. Labs can maintain this culture in open air for days since there is practically no media loss due to evaporation and the pH of the culture is perfectly maintained without supplemental CO2.