SFIM vs. Grace’s and other media

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So last week we learned about the utility of insect cell lines in today’s modern research laboratory. This week, we’ll learn a bit about the medium they grow in. Naturally, we’ll learn what Gemini has for your insect cell culture needs!

We’ll start off with SFIM 60 medium. This serum-free medium is well-suited for Sf9 cultures using baculovirus to generate recombinant proteins. Of note, though this may be optimized for Sf9 cells, those experimentalists at Gemini also figured out that this medium is also very good for other cell types such as Sf21 and TN368 cells.

Next on the list is Grace’s Insect Cell medium. This is essentially the medium that helped make insect cells such important little protein factories. If used correctly, this medium really is the gold standard by which other insect media are to be measured. Like other basal media, supplementation of Grace’s medium is recommended, typically with 2-10% FBS. Also, Gemini uses a stabilized l-glutamine in their Grace’s medium, adding shelf life to their products….Something we all like to see in our consumables.

We’ll round out the group with Gemini’s TNM-FH insect medium. Also, known as Supplemented Grace’s Medium. It’s got lactalbumin hydrolysate and yeastolate , which is absent from their Grace’s insect medium. Why is that important? According to these folks , and others like them (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19003201) the presence of these supplements increases protein production in virally-mediated expression systems using Sf9 cells, i.e. most applications using Sf9 cells.

So, whether you’re using serum or going serum-free, Gemini has an insect medium that will suit your needs. Give them a call. They love phone calls. They told me so, themselves.


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