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The purchase of Human Serum AB from GeminiBio is based on consistent lot to lot results. We test each new lot for an infectious disease panel, mycoplasma, endotoxin, sterility, and a cytotoxicity assay. Every lot has passed our suitability criteria. We are confident in Gemini’s ability to provide suitable human serum AB and plan to continue purchasing this material in the future.

Lawrence Luib, Cell Therapy Specialist


I was super pleased with the service, responsiveness and quality that Gemini Bio provided me with.  Within a very short period of time they were able to execute and provide our needs for large amounts of high quality components of Viral Transport Medium for COVID19 testing.

Christopher Brooke, University of Illinois


I began using Gemini Bio-Products in 1997, when I joined a lab for my dissertation project. My PI only ever used Gemini FBS and taught me to do the same. I have subsequently passed Gemini on to my postdoc advisor and the Core Facility that I work in currently. I have always been pleased with the lot-to-lot performance of Gemini FBS. We have tried samples of other FBS products (mostly from vendors trying to earn our business), but always come back to Gemini. More recently, I have been impressed with the breadth of product lines offered by Gemini for other laboratory reagents. The quality of these reagents has been above reproach and pricing is always fair. I recommend Gemini to all of my colleagues and especially to new start-up labs. Knowing that you can call your sales rep personally and get all of the information you need in one phone call is a great time saver!

Jennifer Carroll, LSU Health Shreveport


The quality FBS from Gemini Bio-Products has served many of our cell culture needs, resulting in numerous Nature publications over the years.  Gemini has been providing us excellent service and pricing on FBS for over ten years, and I’m looking forward to many years to come.
Nancy Wong, NIH


We will only use FBS from Gemini. We tried other products, but they were not of the same high-quality and value so we went back to Gemini and have stayed ever since.

Leslie Chow, Lehigh University


Gemini is wonderful. They are very responsive, orders are accurate and the products are consistently great quality and consistent. Ordering is very simple and the service is great. Many times, I’ve requested products and had an excellent quote with the order placed within two hours. I choose Gemini for all of my tissue culture needs. Highly recommended from the Vincent Lab!

Amber Washington, University of North Carolina


We bought Benchmark FBS from Gemini Bio because of high quality, storage availability and flexibility, and our Account Executive Nora Oberhofer’s attention to details and price.

Judy Diehl, Case Western Reserve University


We have just successfully completed a Phase 1 CAR-T clinical trial in adult cancer, using Gemini Bio’s GemCell U.S. Origin Human Serum AB. Gemini Bio’s high quality Human AB serum was a great product for our trials.  Its high performance, great quality, service, and results helped support our advancement to the next phase. I would highly recommend Gemini’s Human Serum AB for clinical trials.

Katherine C., Cell Therapy Specialist


Our lab has been working with Gemini Bio-Products for over a decade due to their outstanding quality, friendly customer service, and great value.  As a lab that does a lot of cell culture, serum is one of our greatest expenses and Gemini’s competitive pricing and ability to reserve and store large lots at their facility have saved us both money and valuable freezer space. Our account manager has been with us from the beginning which has allowed us to develop the kind of relationship and personalized experience that you don’t always get from some of the larger companies. It’s one of the reasons we use Gemini’s serums exclusively for our mammalian and insect cell culture and plan to continue using their products for years to come.

Nicolette Ender, Howard Hughes Medical Institute at UT Austin


Gemini Bio-Products has been providing media supplements to our lab for years. They provide the most competitive prices while offering attentive customer care, and their products are always top grade. Being a very heavily tissue cultured centered lab, the services offered by Gemini Bio have made our research possible!

Greta Beckerle, Weill Cornell Medicine


Gemini has been supplying our fetal bovine serum for about 8 years. Service has always been prompt, the reps informative and willing to work with us in in determining the lots that would maintain consistent activity in our cells. We have found their BenchMark™ serum to be of reliable quality, and their long-term storage valuable in extending the time we could remain with one lot. 

Sean Shaw, Augusta University


We have been working with Gemini for almost a decade and will continue doing so, because not only are their products are of high quality, but importantly their service is uniquely fantastic! They understand research emergencies, they deliver the reagents in person the next day in your lab, they offer complimentary samples so you can really test their products for your specific application, and cherry on the cake, their price is almost always unbeatable! We highly recommend Gemini!

Laurianne Van Landeghem, NC State College of Veterinary Medicine


We’ve been exclusively using GemBio BenchMark™ FBS for years.  The consistency we see in our cell and tissue culture speaks to the high quality of the product.  Just as importantly, the customer service is brilliant.  If I contact our local rep with a question or request for samples, it’s handled immediately.  I can confidently say we’ll be using them for many more years!​

Leslie Hopper, University of Pennsylvania