Viral Transport Medium

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Viral Transport Media (3 mL) in a 15 mL conical tube. Made in the USA according to current CDC formulation guidelines.

Suitable for the transport of COVID-19 test swabs and other biological specimens.

We also offer Saline and Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) that are suitable for viral transport. Learn more in our Viral Transport Products Overview.


  • Gemini is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device manufacturer.
  • Gemini manufactures the VTM under QSR and in compliance with 21CFR820 as well as aligning with 21 CFR Part 210 and 211 for our pharmaceutical customers.
  • We use gamma irradiated tubes that are DNase and RNase free.
  • FBS that is used in the formulation is gamma irradiated using 25 – 40 KGy.
  • The sourcing of the FBS is from a country of negligible risk for BSE/TSE as determined by the OIE.
  • Gemini prepares the intermediates for the VTM (gentamicin, amphotericin B, and HBSS) using USP and/or ACS grade raw materials when possible.
  • Intermediates are also manufactured under QSR and in compliance with 21 CFR 820.
  • All tube filling is performed in an ISO 5 environment with environmental monitoring.
  • The VTM is filtered through a 0.2 μm filter prior to filling tubes and a filter integrity test is performed to ensure the filter was operating correctly.
  • Gemini Bio is on the FDA list of commercial manufacturers developing and distributing viral transport media (VTM) under the policy outlined in Section IV.B of the COVID-19 Transport Media Policy.

Ships on blue ice. Store at 4-8°C.

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