Petaka® G3 FLAT Cassettes for Suspension Cells
FLPTK25 / FLPTK300 / FLPTK1200

Product FLPTK25: 25 units $425FLPTK300: 300 units $4,600FLPTK1200: 1200 units $17,000

Petaka® G3 FLAT Cell Culture Bioreactors for suspension cells are ideal for physiological cell culture and live cell shipment without cryopreservation.

Self-regulated, self-contained cell culture bioreactors that control oxygen (with higher oxygen exchange), CO2, pH, and evaporation without glove boxes, tri-gas incubators, or gas canisters.

Petaka® G3 FLAT maintains media environment stability at ambient temperature and keeps cells alive for long periods of time. 

We also offer Petaka G3 FLAT in a Basic Starter Kit and Trial Kit.

Safe Cell Growth

• Closed single-use cassette
• Sterile access
• Adherent and Suspension cells
• Closer to in vivo conditions
• Eliminate water tray

Experiment and Manipulate

• Straight live cell microscopy compatible
• Transfection
• Centrifuge directly to pellet cells
• Cryopreservation

Live Cell Shipping

• Up to 10 days of safe, ambient shipping
• Automatic O2 regulation keeps cells dormant, but alive and healthy

GMP Ready

• Already in use
• Unique barcode on each cassette
• Gamma irradiated
• Double bagged option

*Single-unit price. For inquiries about this product, contact your sales representative.