Mouse Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (mLIF)

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Gemini’s mLIF (Leukemia Inhibitory Factor – mouse) is a lymphoid factor which is involved in a number of reproductive, inflammatory, developmental and regenerative processes. LIF promotes long-term maintenance of pluripotent stem cells by suppressing spontaneous differentiation. LIF is also involved in a number of other biological processes including neural and hematopoietic cell differentiation, bone and fat metabolism, and mitogenesis of certain factor dependent cell lines.

Gemini’s mLIF is supplied in a liquid form of phosphate buffered saline with 1% BSA carrier for stability.

Gemini’s mLIF is stable for at least 18 months from the date of manufacture. For long term storage it is recommended that Gemini’s mLIF be stored at 4°C as freeze-thawing will reduce potency.

At the recommended concentration 10^7 units (supplied as 1mL) of Gemini’s mLIF is sufficient for 10L of tissue culture media and 10^6 units (supplied as 100µL) of Gemini’s mLIF is sufficient for 1L of tissue culture media.

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