ITS (Insulin, Transferrin, Selenium) Solution (100X)

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ITS (Insulin, Transferrin, Selenium) is a chemically defined supplement for a variety of cell culture applications. ITS supplement contains components which are required for optimal performance of serum-free media. Supplementation of ITS to different conventional nutrient media substantially reduces the FBS requirement for routine maintenance of many cell lines.

Components: Contains 1.0 mg/mL insulin from bovine pancreas, 0.55 mg/mL human transferrin (substantially iron-free), and 0.5 μg/mL sodium selenite.

INSULIN is a polypeptide hormone that promotes the uptake of glucose and amino acids and may owe observed mitogenic effect to this property.
TRANSFERRIN is an iron-transport protein. Iron is an essential trace element, but can be toxic in the free form. To nourish cells in culture, it is supplied bound to transferrin in serum.
SELENIUM is an essential trace element normally provided by serum.

Nutritional studies indicate that the supplement components described are utilized by most mammalian cells. They enhance cell proliferation and decrease the serum requirement of many cell types. When the provided supplement is used with 2 to 4% serum, proliferation is reported to be similar to medium supplemented with 10% serum.

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Store refrigerated at 2-8 °C.

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