Accutase® Cell Detachment Solution

Product 100 mL $45

Accutase® is a ready to use cell detachment solution that is a direct replacement for trypsin in all adherent cell cultures. This natural, non-mammalian, non-bacterial origin enzyme mixture has both proteolytic and collagenolytic enzyme activity, simultaneously mimicking the actions of trypsin and collagenase. Its remarkable efficiency allows it to be formulated at a much lower concentration than mammalian trypsin and collagenase, resulting in a gentler, less toxic – but just as effective – product.

Key advantages of Accutase® over Trypsin/EDTA:

  • Less damaging to cells with increased cell viability
  • Easy to inactivate, no additional inhibitors needed
  • Non-mammalian and bacterial-free, so lowered risk of introducing adventitious agents
  • Better viability provides enhanced plating efficiency

Ships on dry ice. Store frozen at < -10°C 

Accutase® is a registered trademark of Innovative Cell Technologies, Inc.

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