Why must I hold the Petaka G3™ upright when filling with medium?


The restrictive respiratory microchannel in the Petaka G3™ provides physiological oxygen levels while simultaneously maintaining ideal CO2 and pH levels for your culture. However, this delicate balance of inward and outward gas diffusion is not optimal when the microchannel is filled with medium. To avoid this from happening, simply hold the Petaka G3™ upright when filling (see Fig. 1). The air path from the culture chamber to the gas microchannel is on the upper right corner of the Petaka, near the silicone injection port. So, if you are careful not to let liquid into the capillary breakers or the microchannels, your culture will soon enjoy ideal, in-vivo like gas control. No tri-gas incubators, glove boxes, or specialty environmental control chambers are required!