How is it possible to grow cells in the Petaka G3™ without supplemental CO2?


Cells naturally generate CO2. However, in plates, dishes and flasks this CO2 rapidly diffuses out of the medium, so a closed CO2 incubator system is required. The Petaka G3™ automatically retains CO2 at a level sufficient to maintain pH in a standard bicarbonate-buffered medium. However, a minimum number of cells in the starting culture must be present to supply sufficient CO2 to maintain this pH balance. Decades of experience has led Celartia to recommend at least two-million cells (25,000 cells/cm2) be seeded in a Petaka G3™ when culturing without supplemental CO2. With this number of starting cells, your culture should have no problem maintaining excellent pH of the medium. Much lower cell densities will also do fine in the Petaka but may require supplemental CO2 for the first 24-hours of until sufficient cell numbers are reached and sufficient internal CO2 is generated.