Custom Media


Gemini offers a wide range of specialized media products for sale. If you require a more specific formulation, we can tailor our custom media to fit your specific requirements using our experienced production and support team.

In order to provide our customers with high quality, rapid, custom media products, we need the following key information:

  • Media formulation or specific modification of existing formulation. Is it a proprietary formulation?
  • Are there any serum components included? We need to ensure customer requirements for serum requirements (e.g. evaluation of serum lots) are included.
  • QC testing specifications. What tests are required and what are the test result specifications? Oftentimes, testing can determine the delivery date (pH, endotoxin, sterility, osmolality, mycoplasma, viral testing, etc.).
  • Manufacturing. GMP/non-GMP manufacturing, prototyping for bulk process
  • Packaging requirements. Fill size, custom packaging (e.g. bag, bottle, vial, connections), storage requirements.

Please include this information when contacting your sales rep or Customer Service with your custom media requirements for the quickest service.