Continuum™ Transfection Reagent
Our transfection reagent is efficient, versatile, and affordable

General information

Gemini is pleased to introduce Continuum™, our revolutionary new transfection reagent. Among its many exciting features: 

  • Efficiency—incredible efficiency with half the amount required by competitors’     products, even in hard-to-transfect cell lines
  • Versatility—cell lines, primary cells, DNA and siRNA co-transfection
  • Gentleness—lower toxicity resulting in higher cell survival
  • Simplicity—a remarkably straightforward and streamlined protocol that will save you both time and money
  • Origin—100% animal-free origin
  • Affordability—lower priced than competing products

Continuum™ is simply easier, more powerful, and more affordable than the competition.

We have 0.75mL bottles available for $259, and 1.5mL bottles for $450. Alternatively, you can pick up a 50µL trial size for $60 to see for yourself how well our product works.


For orders an​d inquiries:

Gemini Customer Service

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