My human serum is cloudy. What gives?

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I love cheeseburgers.  I’ll even dredge them through the grease puddle they leave on my plate after every other bite so the bun soaks up more greasy goodness (Vitamin G, as my Scottish buddy once called it).  I love French fries, too. And buffalo wings. And ribeye steaks. And good southern barbeque. My diet should have my blood at an absolute standstill, but luckily my salary doesn’t support a daily helping of my favorite foods so I end up eating chicken breast, pasta, rice, and (shudder) vegetables.

I get a lot of questions about human serum. 99% of them are “why is my human serum cloudy? And why wasn’t the last batch cloudy?”  My answer typically looks like this opening paragraph. You see, I’m not the only guy that likes those foods and the guys that donate their blood for your human serum needs sometimes eat those foods too. Human serum batches are pooled, meaning they came from a multitude of donors.  We as procurers of this product can’t control what our donors eat so more often than not a batch of human serum has an appreciable level of lipids in it….hence the cloudiness. This is not to say that vegans and super healthy people will give totally clear serum….quite the contrary. All of us have blood lipids under normal physiological conditions. It’s just that some of us have more lipids than others.

Personally, I feel the lipid levels will not significantly affect the quality of your cultures, but we all know cell culture people can be quirky and we trust nothing, especially if our spidey senses are homing in on the appearance of our human serum.  Gemini knows this so they are pretty understanding when they get questions and concerns. Sometimes, they’ll even forward them to me, and more often than not, I will try to explain how cloudy serum is A-OK.  But in the end, it’s customer satisfaction that drives Gemini to excel. If you’re not happy with your product, let them know. There’s always a solution that makes everyone happy.

So, keep on doing what you’re doing but I do hope that this little tidbit of information helps allay some fears when you see that your serum looks more like custard than iced tea.


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