Gemini Launches recombinant LIF (and a Blogger is Born).

Blog entry

Hi everyone, I’m Dr. J, Gemini’s Scientific blogger-type guy.   With my first (and thus far most impressive) blog, I wanted to introduce myself before I move on to our newest product…one that ought to grab the attention of  the stem cell biologists out there: Leukemia Inhibitor Factor, or LIF.

So how did the good folks at Gemini come to give me some bandwidth? Well, for starters, I’m a scientist…A cell biologist, to be exact, and I’ve been around the block…. from academic research, to pharmaceutical research, and even a little bit of sales sprinkled in there for character. I also have a penchant for running my mouth off and I suspect Gemini would rather I translate that skill into keystrokes. So here goes:
Originally named for its role in pushing myeloid leukemia cells toward differentiation, LIF is a cytokine that’s grabbed the spotlight as one of the most crucial components needed to keep embryonic stem cells from spontaneously differentiating….AND as far as I can tell, the article that made LIF famous is here:

The folks at Gemini make their LIF from cells engineered to make this protein. Once upon a time, this blogger used engineered CHO cells to make his LIF….Grow the cells in medium, Collect the medium, and Test it on ES cells to see how much LIF-conditioned medium is needed to keep the ES cells from differentiating. This, followed by everyone’s favorite: aliquotting….Aliquotting a liter of LIF into flip-top “we all know the name but I can’t say it” tubes. It was time-consuming and only marginally less irritating than our biannual cell room cleaning/overhaul………which leads me to Gemini’s newest ES product: Pre-made, pre-tested, and pre-packaged LIF. This stuff comes with a full satisfaction guarantee and the good folks at Gemini. As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet they’d be happy to send a sample to you. Why not? It’s probably less expensive than the ones out there and it beats spending time making your own! I also see they have two versions and a buy one get one free promo!  Even better! “- 


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