GemBlog: Chicken Embryo Extract (CEE)

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Oddly enough, I have been looking forward to writing about chicken embryo extract. Sounds like I need to get out more often, but the truth is I knew I’d be learning more about something I know relatively little about, and as a scientist who needs to satisfy his curiosity this fit the bill. So….I did me some Googlin` for this one! Here’s what I learned:

This product is typically made from 11-14 day old chick embryos (I  won’t get into detail about HOW it’s actually made, but suffice it to say there are plenty of people who don’t want to know so I will assume you, dear reader, are one of them). There is a 10kDa cut-off to separate the extract from the proteins normally found in it, which tells me that the biggest boost you’ll get from this stuff is with the small molecules one would find  If all goes well, the resulting product is a clear, amber liquid.  Half a century ago, CEE was used as a supplement to grow nasties responsible for some venereal diseases

OK, moving on……….If you are growing avian neural crest cells, muscle cells, dorsal root ganglion neurons, or any other cells that relies on the molecular signals found in chick embryos, then you may want to give Gemini’s CEE a try. Rather than using 11-14 day old eggs, Gemini modified the classical approach by using 9,10 and 12 day old eggs, which results in CEE that is a bit more predictable than other sources, as all CEE is considered an undefined supplement. Either way, if you’re using it, give the folks at Gemini a shout. Who couldn’t use a little more predictability with one’s chick cells?


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