Albumin: Fun Facts to know and Tell

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Hello again, dear reader. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m struggling to fill a whole month’s worth of blogs with “Albumin” as my topic. I entertained the idea of spending a whole blog on Green BSA. Until I realized that “Greenish cast” is widely used as a description of the purified powder. While I can appreciate the value of a short blog, anything that can be misconstrued as a twitter tweet just wouldn’t cut it with my blog executive board. So, I decided to take this last week to showcase the stuff I found on the world wide web,  about our favorite protein, albumin.

1: The word “albumin” is Latin for “white” and refers to any protein that is water-soluble, somewhat soluble in salty solutions, and de-nature under excessive heat.

2:  Albumin consists of about 60% of the total plasma protein in the human body.

3: Your doctor may order an albumin test to determine if your liver is working properly so put down that beer!

4: Your eggwhite is mostly albumin.

5: There is a webite dedicated to albumin. Here it is (Knock yourself out):

SO that’s it, folks. We have successfully moved through June while learning about albumins. Congratulations!  Stay tuned to see what we’ll discuss next month!


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