15mL Nunc Tubes on sale – only $75 per case of 500


The Nunc® conical sterile polypropylene centrifuge tubes are premium, high quality, and environmentally friendly conical tubes. 


CTB-500 / 500 Tubes / 15 mL


The tubes have leakproof construction and offer increased traceability with the largest writing area on the market. Additionally, they offer a reduced contamination risk with a recyclable plastic rack.

Key features:

  • Sterile, DNase/RNase-free, Non-Pyrogenic (Endotoxin tested 0.5 EU/mL), Non-Cytotoxic
  • Leak-proof seal and accurate graduations
  • Biologically inert: USP biological reactivity class VI
  • High level of sterility: SAL 10-6
  • Racked product includes environmentally friendly recyclable plastic rack that reduces landfill waste 
  • Fast spins and extreme temp: -80˚C to 120˚C
  • Max RCF: 10,500 x g